Conn. Calls Off Agency Search

BOSTON Connecticut’s Department of Administrative Services said it has terminated its controversial review for approximately $10 million in advertising services.

“We found we couldn’t get better pricing. We will be keeping those contracts in place,” said DAS representative Adam Liegot.

The request for proposals, issued in March, was for work that will remain split among nearly 50 agencies, design shops and independent contractors. The $3 million tourism business was included, along with work for the Department of Public Health and the Department of Transportation, among others.

“When you are making a change in the way you do business, you have to be sure that the change makes financial sense,” Liegot said. “DAS is changing the way the state does business, so our chief concern is whether or not we are saving money for taxpayers.”

The state had received 18 bids for the advertising contract from agencies including Adams & Knight; Cashman & Katz; Cronin & Co. (which holds various state assignments); McLaughlin Delvecchio & Casey (an incumbent on tourism); and Mintz & Hoke.