conference call

McCarthy Mambro Bertino is launching a print and poster push to introduce British Telecom’s 212 Conferencing—a service being marketed mainly to Manhattan businesses.

Purchasers of the 212 Conferencing Card can make conference calls for bargain rates (10 cents a minute), without having to schedule a time beforehand.

MMB has devised two print ads that appear in Crane’s Business Journal and numerous posters being placed in bus shelters and other high-traffic locations around the city. The colorful ads contain lines such as, “It’s cheap. How very un-New York” and “Many a meeting was missed between Broadway and ‘Where the hell am I?’ ” Another ad asks, “Don’t think a dime goes very far? Try uptown, downtown and midtown.”

Although 212 Conferencing is currently available only in New York, British Telecom will consider rolling it out in other cities if the launch goes well, said Jamie Mambro, creative director of MMB in Boston.

Copywriters David Register and Anna Mitchell collaborated with art director Jamie Day to fashion the ads.