In its ad campaign for upcoming movie The Coneheads, Paramount Pictures’ gag is to blend the aliens into everyday situations – one ‘conehead’ was even reported to have shown up at a rally during the recent L.A. mayoral race. But what better way to show the creatures have arrived on the pop scene than to feature them in ads that mimic the Gap’s ‘Individuals of Style’ campaign. Dan Aykroyd, a.k.a. Beldar Conehead, appears for fictitious marketer MEB in magazines this month wearing khakis and a cardigan. The copy reads ‘MEB rib cardigan worn by Beldar Conehead, Remulak Underlord, soon to star in a major motion picture.’ Paramount worldwide marketing president Arthur Cohen would only say, ‘The ‘coneheads’ are among us. They are normal people, out and about, and they like this ad.’
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