Cone Breaks Web Work For Paper Mate

Cone Interactive last week trumpeted the completion of its first interactive marketing campaign for The Gillette Co.’s Paper Mate division.
The New York office of Cone Communications was tapped last fall to help Paper Mate develop brand-building promotions tied to the Web. Its first work touts the Boston-based client’s sponsorship of the Campfire Boys and Girls Association of America’s “Absolutely Incredible Kids Day,” which was last Thursday.
Rather than create a site to draw traffic, Cone Interactive executive vice president Susan Pechman said the goal was to put Paper Mate on sites where traffic already exists. The program will run through the end of the month.
Both iVillage and Warner Bros. are primary partners, while Marvel Comics and Sportsrap are secondary partners. A third group of sites, including The Mining Co., Hub Heaven, Excite, Infoseek, Geocities, Discovery Channel Online and Xoom, are all carrying Web banners promoting Paper Mate’s sponsorship.
The company signed on as a sponsor of the Campfire Association’s event because of its goal to promote literacy by encouraging children to write letters.
To leverage its involvement in the event, Paper Mate selected site partners that submitted the best proposals for the money. For instance, iVillage provides postcards, stationery and games that visitors are able to print out. At Warner Bros.’ site, a variety of printable coupons are available.
Paper Mate’s secondary partners also offer downloadable images to create stationery, and Sportsrap’s site lists professional athletes willing to respond personally to letter writers.
In exchange for developing the campaign’s creative content, both iVillage and Warner Bros. will have their Web addresses featured on Paper Mate packages as part of a back-to-school program now being developed for next fall, sources said.
The interactive unit of Boston-based Cone ended its first 10 months with revenues of more than $1 million. In addition to Paper Mate, the agency is negotiating interactive deals or creating Web-based marketing programs for Student Net Publishing in Cambridge, Mass.; Parable in Newton, Mass.; and Jones Soda in Vancouver, British Columbia.