Are football fans likely to be symphony goers? Maybe in St. Louis, where the St. Louis Rams are rivaled in popularity only by the renowned St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.

With that in mind, Hughes Group in St. Louis has created “A Football Fan’s Guide to the Symphony”: a print ad with illustrations of referees making fictitious signals, such as “disqualified/ejected for using cell phone during performance” and “false start—applauding before piece is really over.” There is no tagline; the symphony’s logo appears at the bottom.

The ad ran in the Rams’ game-day publication, Rams Insider, earlier this month in association with the Rams Foundation, a nonprofit branch of the football team that is dedicated to community service.

Jim Schnurbusch, president of Hughes Group, said relating football fans to symphony fans is not much of a stretch.

“Musicians are athletes in their own right,” he noted.