Comsat Foretells Telecom Future

Nasuti & Hinkle Is Seer, Sage And Soothsayer In Print Projections
ATLANTA–High-tech telecommunications supplier Comsat Corp. is introducing an artful print campaign this week in industry trade publications. The company’s primary objective is to transport its customers and potential users to places they did not know they were going.
The advertising effort was created by Comsat’s agency of the last five years, Nasuti & Hinkle of Silver Spring, Md. The cornerstone of the four-ad series is that the client is “working to anticipate customer’s needs,” according to company director of marketing communications Dave Farmer.
“We want them to know that we’re working to solve the problems of tomorrow,” Farmer said. “Comsat is working on problems [customers] aren’t aware of yet.”
The emphasis on the future gave the agency free rein in terms of the look of the ads. A decision was made early to go with illustrations to visualize what may be on the horizon. The common denominator of design in each print piece is a portion of a picture torn away to reveal the phrase, “Global telecommunications from Comsat.”
In the series’ first ad, the headline sells Comsat “because maybe one day you actually will have an office on the moon.” The accompanying art features a rendering of a crescent moon rounded out with a human form. The text goes on to explain that even a lunar-based business may someday tap into the company’s data, voice, video and Internet services.
“We refer to this as the anticipated benefits campaign,” said agency partner Karen Nasuti. “We wanted to be able to show people a circumstantial future . . . talking about some things that could occur.”
The campaign for the Bethesda, Md.-based client, breaking April 1 in CIO magazine, will appear in a collection of trade periodicals through the balance of the year.
Farmer declined to discuss the budget for the print effort.
Agency staffers earning campaign credits include creative director and copywriter Woody Hinkle and art director Mary Testerman.