Comparing Paychecks With Your Colleagues

The most intriguing gender non-gap of the week comes in a poll by Rasmussen Reports for the Hudson Employment Index: 51 percent of working men and 51 percent of working women “believe that they are being paid on a par with others who do similar work.” One would have expected to find more sense of grievance among women on this matter. The polling did, though, find a gap along ethnic lines: “Only 33 percent of African Americans and 37 percent of Hispanics believe they receive the same pay for the same work, in contrast to more than half of whites (54 percent) who hold this belief.” Workers doubt that employers reward high performance. Just 42 percent of men and 30 percent of women agreed that “employees who do a better job receive more money and benefits.” As it happens, 58 percent said better pay/benefits is the chief factor that would prompt them to seek a new job. Other leading incentives were corporate culture (cited by 14 percent) and professional opportunities (12 percent).