Compaq Wants To Be A BMOC

In an attempt to boost its college presence, Compaq Computer is unleashing a new campus reseller marketing support program through Rives Carlberg in Houston.
The Compaq Campus Reseller (CCR) plan will involve a range of marketing support protocols, including collateral, point-of-purchase and print advertising targeting numerous university-affiliated outlets, such as college bookstores, that sell computers to students. Billings for the campaign were undisclosed.
The program is being launched on 30 campuses across the nation, including Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tenn., Harvard in Cambridge, Mass., and Texas A&M in College Station, Texas, according to Compaq.
“We develop programs for CCRs [in which] they become a certified reseller of Compaqs,” said Christine Ackley, marketing communications manager at the Houston PC maker.
Rives Carlberg will be transferring its experience in supporting retail partners of Compaq like Best Buy with in-store materials. The agency will utilize items like monitor-mounted p-o-p and product displays.
Print ads that will run in campus publications will will try to tie in the necessity of Compaq laptops, for instance, with other common features of dorm life, like 19-cent Ramen noodles and cups of joe for late-night study sessions.
Ackley said Compaq has always been active in the campus computer market, but has never initiated reseller support to target college students specifically. The company’s goal is to challenge Apple’s Macintosh dominance in the category.