So original is the Museum of Contemporary Art commercial called ‘T.V. Dinner’ that one agency executive who’s worked with Joe Pytka for years says he first thought it was done by a kid right out of art school. ‘I don’t know anybody who can so consistently achieve the shock of the new,’ says Steve Hayden, chairman of BBDO Los Angeles. After two decades in the business, it seems like the 54-year-old Pytka, who’s based in Venice, Calif., has done it all. Still, this year’s reel – from the offbeat Stein Robaire Helm MOCA campaign to the majestic Nike ‘Opera’ spot for Wieden & Kennedy and the eloquent Apple commercials for BBDO Los Angeles – surprises. Pytka, who began his career as a documentary film maker, says he would never force a style on any of the projects he handles. ‘I keep my mind clear about what I’m doing, and I let the concept dictate the execution,’ he says.
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