Coming Weeks

D’Arcy Masius
Benton & Bowles’
new creative chief,
Robin Weeks, says he needs two or three years to freshen the shop’s product. See page 5.

Arch Review
Michigan, Boston McD’s in Play
Two pieces of regional McDonald’s co-op business now at Arnold Communications are up for grabs. Billings for the regional work total approximately $30 million. The fast-food retailer is also thought to be on the verge of unveiling a new ad theme from DDB. See page 4.

Cross inks in 6 contenders
Pen maker A.T. Cross has narrowed its agency search to six contenders. Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis, is among the shops vying to prepare a global branding campaign. The other finalists are in New York and Virginia.
See page 4.
Reliastar’s Right on The Money PBS television program will get a national boost in a campaign from Clarity Coverdale Fury. The Minneapolis shop uses humorous depictions of the show educating viewers to convey the show’s personality. It’s the program’s first national push.
See page 5.
DRAFT DELIVERS cAMpAIGN is positioned as”simply easier,” in the debut campaign for the client from DraftWorldwide. The Chicago shop had only a month to develop a direct response marketing effort for the Internet postage provider.
See page 6.
Cameras to roll inside casinos
Dice, cards and slots will fill the screen in casino ads, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling. Harrah’s quickly jumped in with TV spots from Carmichael Lynch. See page 8.
back in the biz
After nearly two decades in
advertising, Ken Mandelbaum left the business to become a commercial director and aspiring screenwriter. But BBDO made him a
compelling offer: chief creative officer of BBDO West. Angela Dawson reports. Plus, Barbara Lippert, Mark Dolliver and Best Spots of January.
See page 22.