When it comes to the future of telecommunications, the enthusiasm of those involved knows no bounds. ‘These are life-enhancing technical changes,’ gushes Vicki Hayden, J. Walter Thompson/S.F. account director on MobiLink, a cellular service consortium formed earlier this year to go up against the more established Cellular One. Since 15 companies, including six Baby Bells, merged to provide the national cellular service, the discussion has centered on ‘optics,’ ‘access codes’ and ‘carriers,’ all terms more likely to make consumers’ eyes glaze over than send them scurrying to the phone. ‘We have to describe this product in language clear to the common man,’ says Hayden. ‘We don’t want to send anyone back to college.’ In fact, the agency won the account from Saatchi & Saatchi/N.Y. early this summer because of its experience with client Sprint, as well as with numerous retailing outlets. ‘We’re in the position of defining the category and who we are,’ says Jim Sanderson, the group creative director charged with familiarizing the future. ‘MobiLink’s sort of like plumbing. We have to educate people and get our name out there and why you should care.’
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