Spurred by the inability to attract employees to its sleepy Connecticut suburb, KGA Advertising plans to open an office in Boston.
“We were initially scared away by some consultants . . . but we’re not coming for the business,” said KGA president Ken Gronbach. “We’re coming for the people.”
The impetus for opening a Boston outpost was a talented potential hire who visited the agency in Middletown, Conn., and, according to Gronbach, said, “I can’t live here!” “We’re running into that on an ongoing basis,” Gronbach added.
The plan calls for a “virtual” office with six to eight staffers to help with the $30 million shop’s client load. There are no plans to relocate current employees, Gronbach said.
“We’re very into computers here. It will be just like they’re in the next office,” said Gronbach. “We did the math, and the additional dollars for the real estate is not that great. It’s like we’ve added a room here someplace.” –Sarah Jones