Movie-theater audiences know big-screen advertising isn’t just for popcorn and sodas anymore, but a new ad from Bates Southwest may surprise more than a few patrons of AMC theaters in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.

The Houston agency’s 30-second spot for the 12th Man Foundation, which supports athletics at Texas A&M University, can easily be mistaken for a coming attraction. The creative starts with the phrase “coming this fall” and leads into a tunnel of light. At the end of the eery light form is the outline of a football helmet looking up at a trash-talking Aggie football player.

“A guy has been hit so hard that he’s coming to and you realize you’re the one who’s been knocked unconscious,” agency senior vice president Mike Albrecht said. Former A&M linebacker Antonio Armstrong, who now plays in the Canadian Football League, stars as a former version of himself in the ad.

Why the venue to rally support of Aggie sports? “We were trying to attract the attention of families and individuals who would be pre-disposed to entertainment dollars,” Albrecht said.

The spot, which began playing on more than 350 screens earlier this month, will continue through the fall.