Comedians For Kerry

In the seamy underbelly of the Internet, where George W. Bush’s and John Kerry’s marketing pros are backed up by unsanctioned, unseemly freelancers, it’s not much of a contest. Kerry is quite simply kicking butt. Look at the first 10 Google hits for “George W. Bush”—six link to anti-Bush sites, including,, the George W. Bush Scorecard of Evil, and George W Bush Is the AntiChrist. Kerry’s top links are almost uniformly positive (Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry being a major exception). There are also tons of “for Kerry” groups, such as Independents for Kerry, Conservatives for Kerry and Catholics for Kerry. (Babies for Kerry isn’t a real group, but we liked this photo.) The top “for Bush” site, Billionaires for Bush, is a parody done by left-leaning activists.

These sites are churning out merchandise and giving Kerry plenty of free advertising. And what they lack in gravity, they make up for in energy and humor, which, as The Daily Show has proved, can go a long way. Shoptalk’s personal fave is, a site that captures the ambivalence of not a few voters. Run by a guy named Alan Blevins, it features meaty essays such as “Instances of Douchitude and Why It Doesn’t Matter” and “How Fucked We Are Right Now.” “I am not one who is known to meddle in politics or, in all honesty, prior to this election year, vote,” Blevins writes. “It is beyond vital that we all overlook [his] minor blemishes and unpleasantries and unite in electing John Kerry.”