Come Hell Or High Water

A print ad in last Sunday’s newspapers from Howard, Merrell & Partners for longtime bank client BB&T implores North Carolina citizens hit hard by Hurricane Floyd to help their friends and neighbors.
The Raleigh, N.C., shop placed the three-column ad, tagged “The waters will subside. Our commitment to the future will not,” in 19 dailies and weeklies in the eastern region of the flood-ravaged state.
“We’ve all been hit hard by the recent hurricane and the devastating floods that followed,” the copy reads. “Many BB&T employees and customers are among the thousands affected. But more importantly, they’re also among the many thousands who are working hard to come to the aid of their fellow neighbors. If you can help your community in any way, we encourage you to please join us in these efforts.”
With roads still flooded, HM&P had to contend with how to send the ad into areas that had not seen a mailman or overnight delivery service in a week. The shop posted the ad on its Web site, where the papers were able to access it in time for the Sunday editions. –T.W. Siebert