Comcast “LaMel”

“An intervention for television? What the hell is going on?” Those are the first words we hear from LaMel after he walks into his Richmond, Calif., home to find his family and friends and a touchy-feely counselor type surrounding him in his living room with two TVs placed side by side for comparison. He’s a DirectTV customer, a real one, and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners has orchestrated some tough love to get him to see that he is on the wrong path with his current service and would be much better off with Comcast. “You are living in HDenial,” the Comcast counselor tells him, as LaMel stares at him in disbelief. LaMel’s family plays it straight as he goes on to tell the man that he lost his family to the neighbors because of his problem. The actor, Ben Weber, who also plays a Geico caveman and the part of Miranda’s too-sweet ex, Skipper, on Sex and the City, is well cast for the part and does a great job playing the sensitive oddball. “I just made toast and cried,” he shares. The spot, like the others in the series, uses hidden cameras to capture the event and it ends with a group hug after LaMel finally concedes to switch to Comcast. We’ve seen plenty of invention themes, but the performances and the counselor’s funny throwaway lines make it all the worth watching. –Eleftheria Parpis