The Colors of Our Cars

Now that consumers choose computers by color (sage!), it scarcely seems silly to have strong preferences in automotive hue. A Zogby poll quantifies current taste in this latter area. Asked to name the color of the car they use most often, respondents gave red an edge over blue (14.9 percent to 14.5 percent). Grey/silver (13.7 percent) was close behind, as were white (13.6 percent) and green (13.3 percent). Black lagged at 8.5 percent. In a breakdown of the data by region, red made its best showing in the central/Great Lakes section (18.6 percent), where blue ran second (16.5 percent). Red also was strong in the West (17.2 percent), where white was runner-up (15.3 percent). White was the most common automotive color in the South (18.5 percent), while green was tops among respondents in the East (20.7 percent).