Colorado Insurer Goes Local in Print Push

NEW YORK Thomas Taber & Drazen mixes scare tactics and wry humor for Colorado Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance in an effort to convince homeowners to choose the local company over national firms.

The print, radio, outdoor and online campaign depicts region-specific threats affecting urban Colorado citizens. In one ad, for example, a mountain lion causes a driver to veer off the road. The copy reads, “A contented mountain lion enjoys a well-deserved rest after frightening an I-70 driver into a ditch.”

“If you really want insurance, and you live in the Colorado region, you want someone who understands the unique aspects of living here,” said Bryan Thomas, CEO of the Denver shop.

“It’s a way to disrupt some of the noise the big boys—the Geicos, the Allstates—are making,” said Thomas.

The agency has held the account for the past three years and the new work represents something of a departure from previous efforts.

“CFBMI has a new leader who came on board earlier this year. He wanted to at least have a presence in the psyches of consumers, as they are being barraged by big ads from the big boys,” said Thomas.

The online component will launch early next year and feature customers sharing stories about what makes Colorado unique when it comes to insurance needs, as well as viral videos illustrating such themes.