Off-Color Hype For Purple One

Other than Monica Lewinsky, nobody takes more barbs than Barney the Dinosaur.
Now, apparently, even his public relations team is under attack.
A recent Barney press release sent out by Nina Stern Public Relations in Studio City, Calif., included a blue-streak quote from an official with Lyrick Studios, the Richardson, Texas-based producers of the Barney & Friends show.
Both Lyrick and Stern representatives said the quote was fabricated by an unknown source after the release had received corporate approval.
In a copy obtained by Adweek, the release ended: “Instead of having those little s—- clamoring to stop at the next McDonald’s or those interminable whines of ‘When we gonna get there’ or ‘I really gotta go, Mommy,’ plug their ears with these latest banalities from Lyrick and you’re guaranteed to arrive free of stress.”
Lyrick public relations director Kelly Lane said an investigation is under way.
And fortunately for Stern staffers, Lyrick still loves them. Lane said there would be no repercussions against the firm.
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