Staffers at Colle + McVoy celebrate the agency’s annual “Bring Your Dog to Work Day.” The Minneapolis shop, whose roster includes clients such as Purina and Novartis Animal Health, also offers pet insurance as one of its employee benefits. From left to right (with dog’s name in parenthesis): front row: Andrea West (Frankie); Lindsay Shea (Timber); Heather Taylor (Neo). Second row: Lara Lechko (Charlie); Marilyn Hesser (Oreo); Cindy Reiners (Flash). Third row: Alan Moe (Angel); Matt Mullin (Hershe); Kristen Evanoff (Dakota); Barb Martinson (Mick). Back row: Lisa Grengs (Louie); Chris Strohmeyer (Chase); Sandy Pidde (Jake); John Berends (Wheeler).