Colgate gets Irish up

Personal products promises. to be a lucrative business for Colgate-Palmolive in 1993. Colgate plans to increase media ad spending by several million dollars as part of a 10% overall ad and promotion hike in the U.S. and will beef up its personal care division by strengthening existing personal care brands and leveraging its recently acquired Mennen franchise into haircare, sources said.
The push into personal care comes nearly a year after Colgate bought the Mennen franchise last February. This year the company will use Mennen’s expertise in toiletries to move into haircare as well as relaunch its bar soap, Irish Spring.
Colgate will spend the first six months of this year supporting 1992’s new product launches, namely Palmolive Sensitive Skin, Precision toothbrush and Colgate Stand Up.
“We’re focusing on the established businesses first,” said one Colgate insider. “We’ve launched some significant products in 1992. We’ve got to make sure we keep them going.”
New advertising for Mennen deodorants and a bigger push on Murphy’s Oil Soap is also expected during the first half of the year. Agency Genova Hartwick Juliano is said to be creating a separate ad campaign for Murphy’s trigger spray.
Later in the year, the company is planning a “major relaunch” of Palmolive dishwashing liquid. Ad agency FCB/Leber Katz is said to be working on communicating the benefits of a milder Palmolive formulated with a new ingredient. Palmolive is the No. 2 selling brand (17.5% dollar share) behind Procter & Gamble’s Dawn (19.1%).
Meanwhile, Mennen marketers will help spruce up Irish Spring as well as expand Mennen’s Teen Spirit deodorant line into shampoos and conditioners. In addition to a relaunch of the bar soap, Colgate will likely introduce a Irish Spring deodorant. Even before the Mennen acquisition, the company was testing the deodorant on the West Coast, but results were far from stellar and the company opted to drop the test. Since then, Mennen marketers have attempted to revitalize the brand.
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