Cold And Flu

Fall has arrived, and with it nasty colds, coughs and the flu. To remind folks where to turn in their time of need, cough-drop makers Ricola USA and Luden’s have produced new spots.
Ciociola & Co., which won the Ricola business in July, this week breaks a $6-10 million national campaign that seeks to contemporize the brand using rapid-fire editing.
The ad (shown here) mixes “Figaro” from Rossini’s opera The Barber of Seville–with parody lyrics by agency chief Mel Ciociola–with the familiar “Ricola” call, complete with the Alp horn. “You can’t throw something like that away,” he said.
The new Luden’s work, by DDB Needham in New York, debuted on Major League Baseball playoff telecasts. It introduced a new tagline: “Every flavor feels good.”
The spot opens with the man approaching his blind date’s apartment. When he knocks on her door, she yells that she’ll be out in a minute in a guttural, rasping and frightening voice. The sweat-drenched suitor reacts in horror and takes off.
Naturally, the poor schlub’s date turns out to be a beautiful brunette–all she needed was a Luden’s.
–Justin Dini