Coke’s Powerade Breaks Est. 60 Mil. Campaign

Coca Cola’s Powerade next week breaks an estimated $60 million campaign with the tag, “Very real power,” and the brand hopes to stimulate discussion about whether or not some of the athletic feats depicted in the spots are authentic.

A TV effort, via Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore., shows an outfielder breaking through a wall to make a catch, a man balancing a car on his head and Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick throwing what looks like a 180-yard pass. Coke claims that only some of the feats are real, and that the object is to get viewers to argue about which feats are real and which are not..

Rohan Oza, Powerade brand manager, said it was time to emphasize the “power” part of the brand name. “We have emphasized hydration,” he said. “That’s the cost of entry.” Oz said future spots will likely include references to Coke’s recently reupped four-year renewal of its NHL sponsorship.

The effort to restyle Powerade started last August and includes the addition of B vitamins to the mix. With this campaign, Coke is expected to roll out a Powerade Lite and a Powerade AM breakfast drink, among other new
extensions. The activity comes in the same month the Federal Trade Commission allowed rival Pepsico to acquire Quaker Oats and its star sports drink, Gatorade.