Coke Signs “Real” Deal With Oakland

Coca-Cola has signed a $6.2 million 10-year deal with the Oakland City Council to make Coke the official soft drink of the California city.

Under the deal, which was approved Monday night, Coca-Cola products will be the only ones sold in city buildings — including libraries, the Oakland Museum and the Woodminster Amphitheater, where 230 Coke machines will be placed within six months. Under the terms of the contract, Oakland will receive a 45% commission on vending machines.

In addition, Coke is donating about $1 million up front to the Oakland Parks and Recreation Department. Twenty-two recreation centers will get “Real Thing” slogans and other Coke advertising symbols to be used on items such as scoreboards, backboards, sports equipment and two leased sport utility vehicles.

Other California cities, such as Huntington Beach and Sacramento, already have similar agreements with either Coke or rival Pepsi.