Coke Kicks Off Summer Campaign With 5 TV Spots From Leo Burnett

By Karen Benezra

NEW YORK–Coca-Cola Co. this week launches its ‘Incredible Summer’ cash card promotion with MasterCard by introducing five new TV spots from Leo Burnett.

The ads target different consumer segments and have promotional links with AMC Theaters and Domino’s Pizza, in hope of delivering some $250 million in consumer discounts per day.

A teaser spot, ‘Bottling Plant,’ which kicked off last week and addresses a general market audience, will be followed by an execution targeting moms, whom Coke executives internally refer to as the ‘home category manager.’ Other ads will be aimed at teens and 20-something males, with the possible addition of testimonial spots from actual promotion prize winners over the ensuing weeks of the program.

‘Mom’s Day Out’ features a storybook depiction of how a woman who purchased Coke used her cash card for a beauty makeover at a spa. The spot for teens shows youngsters using their cash to gas up an old car and head on a road trip to a pool party. All the spots have a voiceover in the style of the nursery rhyme, ‘The House That Jack Built.’

MasterCard, which is in the middle of an agency review, sees the promotion as a way to reposition its brand in the eyes of consumers. ‘We want MasterCard to be the Coca-Cola of currency,’ said Nick Utton, senior vice president of U.S. marketing, who is currently overseeing a review for MasterCard’s ad account.

Coke quadrupled its creative budget to $15 million for the campaign, which includes four different television executions.

The unprecedented summerlong giveaway of $50 million in cash prizes, worth $20 to $100 apiece, plus free soft drinks, is aimed at shoring up consumer loyalty during the highly competitive summer beverage season.

Arch rival Pepsi is running its own ‘Pepsi Stuff’ fantasy campaign to counter Coke’s efforts (Brandweek, March 24).

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