Coke Kicks Off $150 Million Potter Effort

ATLANTA–As expected, Coca-Cola said Monday that it will launch three new spots beginning Oct. 15 in support of its $150 million marketing effort linked to the Nov. 16 release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Two Coke-branded spots, “Subway” and “Paper Route,” per Leo Burnett, Chicago, will promote the “Hogwarts Castle Adventure” sweepstakes. A third cause-related spot entitled “Owls” plays off of the soft drink’s three-year partnership with the Reading is Fundamental foundation. It shows a flock of owls dropping books from the sky into children’s hands.

Coke is also on-board for next year’s Potter movie; the $150 million figure includes projected advertising spending for that film as well.

Minute Maid broke two spots touting the sweepstakes today.