Coke Gives Sprite Brand a Boost in Australia

SYDNEY – Coca-Cola South Pacific has begun its push to boost the sales of lagging Sprite. The lemonade segment – which also includes PepsiCo’s 7Up and Cadbury-Schweppes’ Lemonade – has halved in size over the last 15 years and now only represents 15% of the total soft drink market. Sprite will be deliberately relaunched out of peak season so the brand can achieve higher awareness without competing with the summer soft drink clutter. The revitalization of the brand includes new packaging, television spots and an extensive point-of-sale and sampling promotions in which Sprite will be closely linked to Coke. The TV ads, created by McCann-Erickson, feature a character called Mr. S.P. Rite, an explorer who interviews ordinary Australians about Sprite. The campaign will retain the ‘I like the Sprite in you’ tagline.
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