Coke Bottles and Cans Serve as Instruments in Promotional Music Video

YouTube artist Kurt Hugo Schneider turns beverage into percussion set

Think Coca-Cola is just a soda? Well, you're right. But the beverage's bottles and cans also double as musical instruments in a new video to promote Coke.

The clip is one installment in Coke's "Ahh Effect" campaign, and it features YouTube artist Kurt Hugo Schneider on various auxiliary percussion and Kevin Olusola simultaneously beatboxing and playing cello as they cover Of Monsters and Men's "Little Talks."

So far there are 60 distinct sites on the campaign's landing page, with this video taking the position of No. 21. Fittingly, it's hosted at—that's 21 "h's" in all. Schneider is part of Alloy Digital's network, which will also promote the video.

The recording obviously has some studio bells and whistles layered on it, but Adweek was assured that Schneider is truly playing the Coke "instruments."

Check it out:

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