Coke and Aguilera in Summer Promotion

NEW YORK — Christine Aguilera is at the center of Coca-Cola’s summer promotion “pop-top” contest in which winners have a chance to attend the taping of the pop singer’s music video.

Other prizes being offered include a $1 million prize and a vacation to the Florida Keys.

The campaign from Leo Burnett in Chicago is tagged, “Why not you, why not now?” and breaks on Monday (May 14) beginning with a 30-second Aguilera TV spot. In it, a teenager gives an interview describing his experience of attending an Aguilera video taping. “I knew we’d hit if off right away,” he says of the singer. The scene cuts to his stepping out of a limo to meet her for the first time. He promptly faints. Later, while watching rehearsals, he faints. When he encounters Aguilera at the lunch table during a break, he faints again. “I really impressed her,” he tells the off-camera interviewer. “I think she may be in love with me.”

The spot highlighting the million-dollar prize shows another teenager telling an interviewer how he wisely invested the money. The scene cuts to various luxury items, such as a TV and a boat being delivered to his house. He also parties with his friends, flinging cash in the air and purchases a gold pendant in the shape of his name, “Kevin.”

A third spot shows a teenager telling how the million dollars enabled her to pursue her true calling: acting. She is shown in a humorous audition and receiving advice during a casting call. “I’d even do a commercial if I had to,” she tells the interviewer.

A fourth spot features the Florida vacation prize and shows a married couple with three kids telling how they were stuck in their routines before winning the trip. In one scene, they are silently reading in the family room. On their Florida vacation, they are shown doing the same thing during lunch at an outdoor cafe and later on a boat. “It was just so nice to do something different,” the wife says cheerfully.

A Spanish-language spot featuring an elderly Latino man was created by Leo Burnett’s Hispanic division, Lapiz.

The campaign runs for the duration of the pop-top promotion through July 31. Print ads featuring Aguilera will run in People, Entertainment Weekly, and Rolling Stone.