Coffee Talk

While working on the campaign for Procter & Gamble’s Millstone whole-bean coffee, D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles acd Jon Mindell relied on the product.
Mindell said he and art director Joe Toto tried 20 of Millstone’s 60 varieties before coming up with the idea that drinking Millstone is a “transforming experience.”
The estimated $15-20 million print, radio and TV effort from D’Arcy, New York, broke last week. The 30-second TV spot shows a mug morphing into scenes of ships, mountain climbing and nighttime. The tagline: “All you need is a taste for adventure.”
Mindell said the Millstone ads target both the consumers who are new to the experience of grinding their own coffee and connoisseurs.
Millstone was No. 3 in category sales through July ’99, according to retail research firm Information Resources, Chicago. Although chief competitor Starbucks whole-bean coffee is fourth, its sales have tripled so far this year, an IRI representative mentioned.
The ads also emphasize Millstone flavors, such as Caffƒ Midnight and Sumatra. –Kathleen Sampey