COD Urges Hispanics to ‘End Breast Cancer’

ATLANTA CreativeOndemanD has developed a public service announcement for the Florida Breast Cancer Coalition that encourages Hispanics to support research for a cure by buying a special license plate issued in the state, the agency said.

The ad has been distributed to English- and Spanish-language television stations throughout the state and is scheduled to begin airing this month, according to COD.

When the spot opens, the viewer sees what appears to be a close-up of a naked female breast. The camera pulls back and reveals the image is the rear of a piggy bank. The spot ends with a plea for viewers to donate to research by buying the End Breast Cancer license plate.

“The more I look at the PSA, the more I appreciate how very special it is,” said Jane Torres, president of the Florida Breast Cancer Coalition. “It grabs attention, gets the message across, keeps people thinking afterwards and is just out there enough to be unique.”

Priscilla Cortizas, founding partner and creative director at the independent Miami shop, agreed.

“We are certain that this spot, which we are very proud of, will help build much-needed awareness about breast cancer and will motivate Florida’s Hispanic TV viewers to purchase the license plate and donate to FBCC,” Cortizas said.