COD Reflects on Touareg in ‘Rear View’

ATLANTA CreativeOndemanD has launched its third television commercial for Volkswagen’s Touareg SUV, the agency said.

The 30-second spot is airing on Spanish-language television networks including Univision, Telemundo, Telefutura and Mun2.

The spot, called “Rear View,” opens to tango music as a young man parks his Touareg in a crowded mall parking lot. He sees a beautiful woman carrying several bags trying to squeeze through the cars. As she approaches his car, he retracts the side-view mirror, giving her enough room to pass comfortably. After returning the mirror to its previous position, he watches her as she walks away.

“Instead of placing the Touareg in a generic and contrived off-road situation, we opted to highlight how this SUV has features that can be useful in navigating obstacles we actually might face in everyday life,” said Priscilla Cortizas, founding partner and creative director at the independent Miami shop.

Previous COD spots for the Touareg highlighted the SUV’s adjustable air suspension and its ability to climb steep inclines.