A Coat For All Seasons

Ever been tempted to wear your leather jacket with your pajamas and morning coffee? Or perhaps while mopping the floor at your thankless fast-food joint job?
New York shop Heitner Weiss, in its new $1-2 million campaign for leather goods marketer Schott Bros., hopes to convince 18-24 year olds that “Schott jackets go with everything”–a belief which doubles as a tagline.
One print ad (shown here) uses photos of a model in front of a restaurant–in full uniform, complete with hat–holding a mop. Another features a model sitting on his front step, wearing striped yellow pajamas, slippers and a Schott jacket.
In the past, Schott opted for a more traditional campaign with photos of “pretty people wearing their jackets,” said agency president Michael Heitner. The tagline: “Speak softly and wear a Schott jacket.” –Justin Dini