Coastal ‘Treasures’ of Maryland

The Maryland Department of Business & Economic Development premiered its new tourism campaign last week. The work, created by Baltimore’s Trahan, Burden & Charles, focuses on the state’s Chesapeake Bay region.

“Friendly Lighthouse” follows a family driving alongside the state’s waterways. In the 60-second television commercial, mom, dad and daughter point out various coastal attractions that underscore the campaign’s theme—”Authentic treasures of Maryland.”

The device allowed creatives at the shop to include images of a skipjack, a boat used by commercial fishermen to harvest oysters, and the White Haven Ferry.

When the family’s car gets a flat tire, they are helped by a friendly lighthouse keeper, who fixes his beacon on them.

“The payoff in the spot is the beacon,” said Steven Bleinberger, TB&C’s executive vice president and creative director. “It drives home Maryland as a welcoming and helpful state.”

The spot will air nationally through June on 20 cable channels, including A&E, E!, ESPN, The History Channel, HGTV and CNBC. The ad will return in September, when it will get alternate play with last year’s “Antietam” commercial.

Five print ads designed as scrapbook pages will appear in newspapers and magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart Living and Smithsonian. “Even the Fun Is Authentic” and “Keeping History Real” are the headlines.

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