Coast Debuts BMX Game on New Web Site

NEW YORK Dial Corp.’s Coast soap this week launched an online BMX game on its newly redesigned Web site in an attempt reach a younger audience, including extreme sports enthusiasts.

The Activision game, called Coast BMX Full Grind, lets players tally a high score by performing a set of BMX moves and air tricks. By collecting bars of Coast soap along the way, it gets easier for players to jump higher and perform advanced tricks.

GSD&M, Dial’s ad agency since 2001, was responsible for the updated Web site ( The Austin, Texas, shop partnered with Wild Tangent Studios, the development division of online gaming company Redmond, Wash.-based Wild Tangent, to launch the game from Coast soap’s Web site.

The effort aims to increase brand exposure by virtue of the target demographic spending substantial time on the Web site perfecting their game performance.

“Our goal is to have our target interact with the Coast-themed game, which gives Coast an opportunity to become more relevant through ideas and content of shared interest,” said Dave Evans, interactive strategist at GSD&M.

Print, radio and Internet ads will direct people to the online game, according a representative for the Scottsdale, Ariz., client. Web site visitors are also expected to spread the word by challenging friends via e-mail to test their BMX skills.

Last year, Coast targeted sports fans through a promotion with that ran during the NCAA basketball tournament. A sweepstakes encouraged people to register for prizes, including a chance to write a column for the sports Web site on an “eye-opening” play during the college tournament.