This Co-Working Space Boasts Private Offices and a Fully-Stocked Resource Library

Fuigo, a design-focused company founded by the brothers who helm the textile company Fortuny, recently launched an upscale co-working space. The space, located on New York’s Park Avenue South, is the only co-working facility dedicated to interior designers, allowing Fuigo to cater to their specific needs. In fact, along with the opening of the space, Fuigo launched the new tech platform that the in-house designers can use to manage their businesses. Currently, 12 designers work out of the office, but that count is expected to rise to 150 by the end of 2018. And when it does, Fuigo will have more resources in place to help them succeed. “[The Fuigo resource library] is fully staffed by a ‘resource oracle,’” said co-founder Maury Riad. “It is a critical resource for designers who are constantly in need of product samples, brochures and literature so they can efficiently complete their projects. When complete, it will have product from over 1,500 vendors.”


Home Away From Home

The living room serves as a gathering area during events. 


Change of Scenery

“Shared breakout areas [are] for designers looking to change their environment during the workday,” Riad said. “We encourage movement and change of scenery as part of a healthier, less stagnant, less fatiguing style of work.” 



“Fuigo members can choose to work in private, glass-enclosed offices or the open workspace,” said Riad. 


Hangin’ Out

The taxidermy is part of the private collection of Bradley Stephens, the designer responsible for the space. 


Sliding Doors

Extra storage.


Private Callers

The calling suites can be used by anyone and are often the location of small, impromptu meetings. 

This story first appeared in the July 25, 2016 issue of Adweek magazine.
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