CNET Recognized at National Magazine Awards

NEW YORK CNET was honored by the American Society of Magazine Editors, winning for general excellence online at the 2004 National Magazine Awards, given out today at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel here.

The award, which recognizes outstanding magazine Internet sites, as well as online-only magazines and Weblogs, honors sites that display journalistic integrity and innovative presentation, as well as an outstanding level of interactivity. Jai Singh, editor-in-chief of the site, recalled that when he started 10 years ago, reporters would say they were from CNET, and people would think they were from CNN. “We would say yes, whatever, just talk to us,” he said to a laughing audience.

Other sites nominated were: Beliefnet, The Chronicle of Higher Education, National Geographic Online, Sky and and Slate.

CNET News was recognized for its ability to deliver technology news fast, and also cover it with in-depth, high-quality journalism. In fact, as Singh pointed out at the ceremony, while the site features many short, breaking news stories, this week CNET is featuring a four-part series on offshore outsourcing. “We are doing the in-depth story, as well as the daily news,” said Singh.

The National Magazine Awards have been awarded since 1973; the online category was added in 1997. Previous winners include Slate, National Geographic Magazine Online and BusinessWeek Online.

ASME handed out awards in 21 categories, honoring work in editorial, design and photography, as well as online.