CNET Acquires TechRepublic

In a move that will help extend CNET Networks’ market share with IT professionals, the San Francisco-based go-to Web site for the technology industry announced Tuesday that it has acquired TechRepublic, Inc.

Purchased from Gartner, Inc. for $23 million in cash and common stock, the acquisition will help expand CNET’s dominance in the online technology news and information space.

According to Nielsen NetRatings, Louisville, K.Y.-based TechRepublic is the leading online destination developed exclusively for Information Technology (IT) professionals by IT professionals.

TechRepublic will add 1.5 million registered members to CNET’s current reach to 66 percent (3.4 million) of all professionals in MIS/EDP departments or technical occupations on the Web. For technology marketers, this means a significant expansion of a targeted and powerful user base.