C’mon, Have a Heart

Some of the ads for MarketingCentral.com are such eyefuls that a few folks do not want others to see them.
A corpse and a prostitute proving that “everyone will be a better marketer,” appear in print ads by Atlanta’s Sawyer Riley Compton. The Wall Street Journal balked at one, featuring a cadaver toe-tagged for sale: “Everything must go! Lungs, kidney, liver Free cooler with purchase!”
“I’m guessing in part [it’s] because of the eBay controversy over auctioning organs,” said Morgan Shorey, marketing communications director at the Atlanta client, a Web resource for freelance and corporate marketers.
The Southeastern editions of the weekly Business Journal newspapers rejected the other ad: a prostitute wearing a button reading, “All this for 3 easy payments of $19.95!”
The WSJ and BJ soon ran an alternative: a church offering 10 percent more forgiveness. But the city’s public transportation system rejected bus wraps due to its ban on political and religious ads, Shorey said.
–T.W. Sieber