CME Does Limbo With Eckrich

By Ellen Rooney Martin

CHICAGO–Campbell Mithun Esty’s first work for Eckrich Smoked Sausage will appear starting this weekend, carrying a new theme,’Eckrich, you’ve found the fun.’

The Minneapolis shop won responsibilities for the brand a year ago as part of an agency consolidation by parent Armour Swift-Eckrich in Downers Grove, Ill. ‘Neighbors,’ a 30-second TV spot for the sausage, will break in Midwest and Eastern markets June 8, according to the agency.

In the ad, some neighbors are drawn to a man’s yard by the smell of grilled sausage. More arrive, carrying torches, radios and a rake to use as a limbo bar. The ad ends with the ‘Eckrich, you’ve found the fun’ theme and an animated Eckrich logo dancing to limbo music.

CME hopes the commercial will make a connection between sausage and summer fun. ‘Our strategy is to link Eckrich with the fun times the product is usually associated with, like fun family meals, family reunions and quick get-togethers,’ said Peter Curran, agency account supervisor on the Eckrich business.

The campaign also includes retailer-specific radio ads and direct mail. Themed retail promotions during the summer will be crafted with the 30-second spot in mind.

‘This is a departure from our past practice of product-specific advertising. ‘Eckrich, you’ve found the fun’ will allow us the flexibility to build our brand throughout our product lines,’ said Charlie Martin, Eckrich senior vice president for marketing.

Campaign spending is estimated by sources at $5 million. Eckrich sausage brands were supported with $360,000 in ad spending in 1996, according to Competitive Media Reporting.

The creative team for the TV campaign included Jim Bosha, executive creative director; Terry Bremer, creative director; Dan Humphreys, art director; Dave Kwasnick, copywriter; and Martyn Laurence, executive producer. Executive creative director M. JoAnn Ebensteiner, creative director Cari Kidd, copywriter Rob DeMars and producers Debra Lustig and Amy Malekhe were on the radio creative team.

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