C&M Unveils Pfizer Pet Project

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs in Ad Campaign for Animal Health Pill
CHICAGO–Colle & McVoy celebrates the bond between pet owners and their animals in a $20 million-plus launch effort behind Pfizer Animal Health’s Revolution product, an all-in-one flea, tick, mite and heartworm medication.
“Pets become part of the family, and [owners] want to protect that relationship,” said Terry Fritz, a senior marketing manager at Pfizer Animal Health. “Revolution helps you do that.”
TV spots roll out nationally today on broadcast and cable networks, Fritz said. Print and radio following the same theme are scheduled to break in February.
The Exton, Pa., company is also relying heavily on trade advertising to reach veterinarians.
“The vets have to be behind this [product] because they are the ones that prescribe it,” C&M creative director Bill Winchester said.
Since the topical solution is available for both cats and dogs, the Minneapolis agency created separate TV spots focusing on each. Both ads use the phrase “I will” to dramatize the commitment owners make to their pets.
“I will throw a ball for you every day,” reads copy from a print ad for dogs. “I will leave out my favorite sweater,” reads one for cats.
The decision to divide the focus worked creatively as well as strategically, Winchester said. “Cats have different personalities than dogs, and you do different things for them,” he said.
Both executions end with the line, “Revolution. It will protect those you love inside and out.” The line makes the “subtle but important” point that Revolution treats internal as well as external parasites, Winchester said.
Spending for the introduction was not disclosed, but is expected to exceed the $20 million Pfizer spent on its Rimadyl dog arthritis treatment.
“This will be the most well-supported product in the Pfizer line,” said C&M creative director Ann Bertelsen.
Carat ICG, New York, handles Pfizer’s media. K