CM Spins Fairy Tales for St. Ives

Campbell Mithun uses modern-day retellings of fairy tales in a new campaign for St. Ives that attempts to reinforce the Alberto Cul ver Co. brand’s Swiss heritage.

The effort, which breaks this week, includes all St. Ives brands, from sham poos to body lotions.

“There’s tremendous power and syn ergy in bringing our products together,” said Jim Gonedes, Cul ver’s vp of skin care, North America. “There are consum ers who love products in one cate gory, but aren’t aware of products in other categories.”

The first spot retells the Gold i locks tale. A woman enters a chalet to find three lotion bottles. One leaves her skin too dry, another too oily. The St. Ives is just right. She discovers St. Ives is a product fam ily and lives in “soft ness ever after,” says a voice over.

The spot ends with the line, “The softness is yours. The secret is Swiss.”

“There’s a tremendous equity” in the brand’s Swiss heritage, Gonedes said. “We’ve never taken advantage of that.”

Other work will tai lor the line’s first half to the product, while the second half will stay the same, he said.

Last year, the Minneapolis shop created a campaign for St. Ives that highlighted the word “I’ve” as women discussed skin-care products. The English contraction made it unadaptable for other markets, which are being considered for the present effort, Gon edes said.

The budget was not disclosed, but Gonedes said Culver would spend more than last year’s esti mated $25 million. The client has already spent about $15 million advertising St. Ives through July, according to CMR.