CM Creates Passion for Classico

Campbell Mithun’s campaign for Heinz’s Classico pasta sauces positions the brand as one that offers gusto and passion to adventurous consumers who enjoy intense flavors.

TV and print work is tagged, “Taste life to the fullest.” Executions are intended to update the spaghetti sauce’s Old World-heritage tack with scenes that reflect emotional interaction between young and old in various settings. Vignettes include a helmeted grandmother and grandson racing on a motorcycle and a father being coaxed by his daughter to rock and roll.

“The message is that Classico is the flavorful ingredient that helps you live life with gusto, whether you’re Italian or not,” said Rob Wallace, agency senior vice president and creative director.

Heinz bought the Classico sauces last year from Borden Foods. The deal, which included the Catelli, Gattuso and Bravo brands, backed Heinz CEO Bill Johnson’s commitment to back up the company’s ketchup, frozen foods and tuna lines.

“Given our expertise in tomatoes and tomato processing, we deserved to be in the pasta-sauce category,” said Brendan Foley, general manager of ketchup, condiments and sauces at Heinz. “We’ll be investing in the brand like it deserves and refreshing its image.”

Previous creative for Classico focused on recipe shots.

Classico is No. 2 in the $1.4 billion spaghetti-sauce category, per IRI.