CM Breaks Hefty Ads for Pactiv

Campbell Mithun likens men to trash bags in the first advertising it has done for Pactiv Corp. since winning the business last year.

The new TV spot, breaking this week, touts the company’s Hefty Gripper trash bags. The spot introduces a new tagline for the brand, “The strong, dependable type.”

The 30-second spot depicts women speaking directly to the camera. “If I had a man like Hefty …” says the first one. “He’d al ways be coming up with ways to impress me,” says a second. Others suggest that men would be able to “hold on tight” and not “cave under pressure.”

The spot ends with a woman saying, “And when I’m done with him …” as another man throws the bag into a garbage can.

The commercial will air on cable stations and network television through November. The campaign will likely be extended in January 2002 with new TV and a corresponding print campaign. The Minneapolis agency also handles media for the Lake Forest, Ill.-based Pactiv.

Campbell Mithun won the Hefty ac count last April. J. Walter Thompson in Chicago handled the brand for four months before it was moved to the Minneapolis agency. The shift was based on consumer product general manager John Schwab’s long-standing relationship with the shop [Adweek, April 10, 2000].

Spending on the new campaign was not available at press time. Pactiv spent nearly $20 million on advertising last year, per CMR.