Closing Time

The party’s over. Martin has resigned Finlandia Vodka. See page 4.

Win One, Save One
CP&B Gains Bank, Retains Smokeout
VirtualBank, an Internet operation based in Palm Beach, Fla., hired Crispin Porter & Bogusky as its first agency. The account is estimated at $5-6 million. The Miami shop also successfully defended the Florida Department of Health’s $30 million anti-tobacco business. See page 8.

Two executives–
Jerry Brewer and Laura Davis–have resigned from WestWayne’s Atlanta office to establish their own marketing
communications enterprise. Several
of their interactive and tech support staff have followed the pair out the door.
See page 4.
Florida’s Supreme Court has ruled against that state’s bar association restrictions against broadcast ads by lawyers. A regulation that prohibits
dramatizations in attorney ads has also been rewritten,
forcing the Florida Bar to revisit work it had rejected.
See page 5.
West & Vaughan has crafted a “Clothes
for heartbreakers” Valentine’s Day
TV campaign for Uniquities. Three spots by the Durham, N.C., shop combine rough, grainy images with scratchy,
flickering text for the retailer of women’s “slinky” fashions.
See page 6.
Orkin Exterminating has contacted
agencies about a direct mail initiative. The $1-2 million assignment will not affect lead agency
J. Walter Thompson
in Atlanta.
See page 8.
Supe’s on
OK, we were wrong:
It was a great game. But can the same
be said for the
advertising that aired during Super Bowl XXXIV? To answer that question, Adweek commissioned an exclusive viewer poll, with surprising results. Plus, our Monday-morning quarterback, Barbara Lippert, critiques the big-game ads.
See page 20