Clock Watchers

Time doesn’t stand still for one billboard in Charlotte, N.C. In fact, it runs backward.

The ad, created by Boone/Oakley for Charlotte Plastic Surgery, features a huge, motorized clock whose hands move counterclockwise. At the bottom is the facility’s logo.

The idea was to avoid the “before-after” images or beauty shots often used in ads for the category, as well as remind folks that they could—metaphorically—turn back the clock for themselves via the center’s services, according to David Oakley, co-creative director at the Charlotte shop.

“That’s what they’re all about … making you look younger,” Oakley noted.

The work debuted ear lier this month in the Charlotte metropolitan area. Art director Phil Mimaki worked on the ad with copywriter Miguel Fernandez. Adams Outdoor North Carolina helped build the clock.

So far, the ad has garnered positive reactions, and Boone expects motorists won’t be confused by a clock telling the time in reverse. Certainly, the billboard’s in a prime location for viewing. “If you’re driving by, you won’t miss it,” said Mimaki.