Clios Celebrate Nontraditional Goo, Mini

MIAMI While an expected 500 guests at tonight’s TV and Radio Clio Awards should prove the 30-second spot is not quite dead, this year’s festival has also recognized integrated campaigns using nontraditional media.

For the third year, the Clios gave awards in Content & Contact, recognizing work that combines creativity and media. Dentsu won a Grand Clio for its ability to build awareness and brand connection through a combination of innovative outdoor advertising, user content and live events to build a community for the Goo Web portal in Japan—all without running TV spots.

Dentsu highlighted Goo’s differentiation from other search engines by centering its push around Goo’s ability for users to have their questions answered by others. To do this, Dentsu bought all of the subway platform ad space in Tokyo and Osaka, blanketing them with real examples of user questions submitted to Goo.

The campaign followed that up with a “Question of the Week,” which could only be found via a search engine. Dentsu used nontraditional outdoor to display the questions, including a placement on top of a boat passing under a bridge in Tokyo and on an LED screen attached to a helicopter. Goo held an “Answer It Championship” live event.

Paul Woolmington, founding partner of Naked Communications and the jury chair, praised the effort for its success in building a community and Dentsu’s bravery to invite consumers to define the direction of the campaign. “That’s a.) scary and b.) gratifying if you get it right,” he said. It’s scary because you start to lose control.”

Crispin Porter + Bogusky fared well in the category, winning gold and silver Clios for campaigns it did for Burger King and BMW Mini. The jury awarded a silver Clio for CP+B’s efforts to introduce “The King” into pop culture, using TV spots, viral videos with Brooke Burke, blogs and even selling King masks and letting consumers create brand messages. The gold Clio was presented to the Mini “counter counterfeit” campaign, which created direct-response TV spots for a “counter counterfeit Minis” DVD.

The jury also gave a silver Clio to VegaOlmosPonce’s creation of Axe Hotel in Sweden, a real hotel where Axe’s young-male target audience could vie to work. Grey Worldwide’s use of a viral garnered a silver Clio for its “Flip the dolphin” campaign.

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