Turkel, Schwartz &Partners’ new print ad for this spring’s Clio Awards would giveBrittany Spears pause.

The color photograph features your basic South Beach model, suitably oiled and tanned, rolling down her pale blue bikini bottom to reveal her … Clio.

In this case, it’s atattoo of the word positioned well below her tan line.

“Miami and South Beach have a unique vibe,” said a tongue-in-cheek Bruce Turkel, the Miami shop’s executive creative director. “We wanted to get people excited about coming here.”

Turkel’s other print effort for the four-day event, which kicks off May 22, is a much more sedate photograph of one of South Beach’s Art Deco hotels. Clio gets top billing on themarquee.

All’s tamer unless, of course, you start reading into the shadowy palm fronds playing against the hotel’s wall.

The hook—”Sun,sand, surf, shows, schmoozing and, yes, learning”—has already been baited and set.