Clinton’s New Ad Offers a Dark, Apocalyptic Look at the Weight of Trump’s Words

'All it takes is one wrong move'

Continuing her tactic of using Donald Trump's own words against him, Hillary Clinton today rolled out an ad that rather bluntly warns that his rhetoric could draw America into nuclear war.

The ad contrasts the presidential qualities of "steady leadership, clear thinking and calm judgment" with Trump sound bites such as, "I know more about ISIS than the generals do," and, "You can tell them, 'Go fuck themselves.'"

If the ad's message that "it only takes one wrong move—just one" weren't ominous enough, it ends with a sound reminiscent of fighter jets and global conflict. 

Unlike Lyndon B. Johnson's iconic "Daisy" ad, Clinton's spot stops short of mentioning nuclear war, but in a tweet and Facebook post about the ad, she noted that a president's actions "can be the difference between life and death."

The ad follows the approach of several others Clinton has launched in recent months, such as "Role Models," which questioned Trump's fitness to be someone children look up to.

Before that, Clinton's campaign strung together a litany of comments from Trump's fellow Republicans, such as outspoken critics Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney.

You can surely expect to see more ads in this vein as Clinton remains relatively quiet in her negative ads, instead just hoping Donald Trump's worst enemy ends up being Donald Trump.

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