Clinton Fires Back on Race With Ad Featuring Trump’s Own Comments About ‘the Blacks’

'Look at my African American over here'

Donald Trump hasn't been mincing words with his views on Hillary Clinton's race relations, calling her "a bigot" during a Mississippi campaign stop this week.

Given that Trump's support among black voters has been estimated between 2 percent and 8 percent—and given his history of making some rather awkward comments when it comes to race—it's not too surprising that Clinton would fire back with an ad highlighting Trump's track record rather than defending her own.

The Democratic presidential candidate today launched an ad that features several of Trump's comments about African Americans, staying true to the Clinton campaign's approach of letting Trump himself star in each of her anti-Trump attack ads.

"You're living in poverty. Your schools are no good. You have no jobs," Trump says in one moment the ad pulled from a speech he gave in Virginia on Saturday.

"I've always had a great relationship with the blacks," he says in another sound bite, highlighting a tone reminiscent of candidate Ross Perot's awkward comments about "you people" in a 1992 speech to a black audience.

Trump, meanwhile, continues to make his case that minority communities have nothing to lose by voting for him: